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Birthdate:Dec 11
Location:United States of America

my tears don't show
but, oh honey, they flow


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accents, amber, appreciative people, b2st, big bang, black and white, bollywood, bones, british accents, buffy, candy, cellphone charms, charlieissocoollike, cheese, cheese cake, chocolate, coffee, colbert report, colors, comedy, cosmopolitan, creativity, crosswords, daniel radcliffe, daughtry, dbsk, dean/castiel, devdas, donghae, dongwoo, draco malfoy, drawing, eating, england, eunhae, f(x), fan service, fandoms, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, fangirling!, flowers, food, friends, g-dragon, gifs, girl's day, graphics, gryffindor, gtop, hana kimi (japanese version), hanchul, hangeng, hankyung, hyosung, icecream, iconmaking, icons, infinite, insanity, intelligence, jaejoong, jane austen, kangteuk, kim heechul, kim heechul's fail, kindergarten, korean boybands, korean dramas, kpop, kpop icons, kyuhyun, kyumin, languages, law & order ci, law & order svu, law and order, law and order svu, lee jinki, legend of the seeker, little kids, loyalty, lyeol, macros, mblaq, monk, motorcycles, music, myungsoo, myungyeol, onew, open minded-ness, peace, photography, photoshop, polka dots, pretty boys, psych, psychology, purple, quotes, rain, ravenclaw, reading, richard/kahlan, robin hood, scrapbooking, secret, shahrukh khan, shinee, shopping, sleeping, slurpies, slytherin, smallville, snuggling, spoilers, ss501, summer dresses, sungmin, sungyeol, super junior, super junior happy, super junior kry, super junior m, super junior trot, supernatural, the coffee prince, the earth, the notebook, travel, tv, tvxq, u-kiss, uniqueness, videos, will & grace, winning, wireless internet, wit, writing, writing fics, yesung, yewook, you, yunjae
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